Saturday, May 22, 2010

Anger mounts over Zapiro cartoon

Read the full story at the Mail & Guardian here.

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Julian van der Nat said...

I firmly believe that all speech and opinions should be free, however, I am also libertarian in outlook and do not think what is right for me and you should be enforced on others. I am a staunch atheist and fight all the time to have my children exempted from religious activities at school, I would engage in intelligent conversation on how I see things, but would never stop others from doing something they feel comfortable with. That is why my opinion is slightly different from other free-thinkers on the “draw Muhammad campaign” – if the Muslims do not want it, why do it? I do not want them to blow up my aeroplane and fly it into a building just because they hate American foreign policy, and I would support any campaign to liberate woman in Muslim countries, etc. However, I respect the fact that they feel that their prophet should not be drawn. In short, each one should live and let live and not enforce our viewpoints on others.